jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014


I do not know if this happens to you but, at least, I wanted to share this feeling.
It's the way you feel when you find one picture, one person, one smell, one food, one book, one film, one song, one sentence, one colour that inspires you to improve, to be a better person, to make things with more passion, to be organised, to love your family and friends, to take care of you, to enjoy every little moment.

Sometimes life passes so quickly that we forget who we are and our essence fades away. Bad habbits come to our life and stays more time than they should in our lifes. Then, we are not capable of comming back to routine as we hardly remember it. Here is the point where we have to start again being ourselves no matter how hard it could be.

Do not let bad habbits win the battle

Be the inspiration
Do not fogert your essence

Be the person you would  like to meet

Appreciate little things in your life

Do not wait for a better future. Future is now.

This T.V. show always encourages me to think "Tomorrow I'll wear heels to work". THE CITY




lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014


I have enjoyed so much this weekend in BCN that I can only think in coming back. These are some pictures of our little adventure

We started on Friday night, once we arrived we could appreciate that all the streets were decorated with Christmas lights WONDERFUL!

Afterwards we went to have dinner to EL LOBO where you can find an incredible decoration. I highly recommend to have  "berenjenas con miel" delicious!

Saturday morning we went to have a healthy breakfast to La Boqueria, wich is the typical spanish market that has become quite touristic: smoothies, juices, bakery, fruits, bombons...are the things you can find over there

 After that, we went to Las Ramblas, it's such a beautiful place!

And we found this!

Have a walk through El Born streets is what I enjoyed the most: nice shops, bistros and traditional building will make you fall in love with this neighborhood

We went to have meal to Luzia restaurant: you can find a traditional oven where they make delicious pizzas

Then we went to Paseo de Gracia. It makes me feel like in Champs Elysées. This is the place where you can find the best boutiques and also, one shop that we found amazing called vinçon.
At vinçon's you can find lots of things related to home decor, very useful cooking tools, toys to improve creativity, cool watches, cool stuff for your desk and so on. Buuut what's more important!: You can order online  

We were very tired however, when it is about eating great food we do our best so, we had dinner at Negro y Rojo restaurant. The food is delicious and the staff is great. Definitely it was a good choice.

Next day was our last day and we could not leave without visiting La Sagrada Familia. It's said that it is going to be finished by 2028 so we will have to come back to see the final result. However, we already found it amazing and incredibly beautiful.

As we are from Madrid we want to see the sea whenever we have the possibility so we went to the harbor and we saw the best views of barcelona while eating at Pez vela restaurant http://grupotragaluz.com/eventos/pez-vela/

It was quite funny because we found out that all restaurants we visited were from the same group: grupo tragaluz But we didn't do that in propose!

So I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did in BCN


sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014


It has been a while since my last post as last month has been a mess: changes at work, special tests and competitions, lots of work plus meetings plus travels...but what's more important: my sister has had her second baby!

I had to buy new blazers to make much easier make new combinations with my current clothes. As you can tell I have become a working girl during the lasts years, so most of the clothes I buy are to complete my working outfits. I hope you do not find it boring! By the way, if you know some blogs with working outfits inspirations, please let me know

This is from zara (this season): very useful with beige pants believe me! And also with the black ones as I sometimes end up wearing tooo much black


The other one is from H&M also from this season. I really love this colour as I am blonde and I have really white skin so I find this color illuminates me.

This is another purchase focused just to make the answer of: what I am going to wear tomorrow at work?  easier: yes please, I need a pair of black shoes.

They are from Zara and I think you can find them still at shops. Truth be told: they are not very comfortable although the do not have high heels (be careful)

As I have extremely white face tone, I love pinks when fall has come (acabo de hacer una rima en inglés, olé!) My favorites for this month are: pink lips + cheeks

Rouge pur nº19  from Yves Saint Laurent

Flamingo Sleek make up blush. This is a good choice as it is cheap and it stays all day

Everyone that knows me can swear that I am an eyeliner addict (not very proud of this, but well, there are worst things in life). I bought one that was waterproof and I finally couldn't used it as I found it very difficult to remove and I thought my eyelashes could be damaged so I decided to not use waterproof eyeliner anymore.

I was telling this story to one of my colleagues that works with make up products and she gave me this new eyeliner from maybelline. My first impression was that it was not an eyeliner, it was a marking pen or something! However, as I had no other option, I had to used it the next morning aaaaaanddd....I LOVED IT! It's easy to use, quick and very easy to remove. One thing I would improve about it: it has a light black colour and I prefer dark black but you can finally have dark black if you go twice over your line.

Last beauty / self-care product is this essie product for nails: it makes my nails stronger and they look beautiful with only one cope of this. I am a real mess when I have my nails painted by myself so this is the perfect solution to have a good-looking nails without wearing any other nailpolish

Plans for the weekend? If you are in Madrid you can visit the exposition of Hubert de Givenchy in the Thyssen Museum (I love this museum!)

I highly recommend you to go to La Maruca restaurant where you can find typical  food from Santander. Good food,  nice deco and beautiful people!

Last recommandation, one film: Le premier jour du reste de ta vie. It's funny, it's real and its is very french (that I love)

Hope you enjoy your week-end


sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014



Yes I love weekends! you spend time with family and friends, you can pamper yourself, you can read, catch up with series and enjoy your city. Yeah!

Today I have started my day taking all the clothes I wore yesterday to the laundry. It was one of my best friends b-day and this is what I wore

I love wearing jeans at weekends!

My 7 year old black shoes: Should I call them Vintage?

Tweed coat detail:

After having breakfast, I tidy up the closet which I try to do every week. It helps me to have all in place, to remember clothes I haven't wore for a while, create new outfits and have everything at a glance.

Then it's time for checking new ideas for having lunch with the new menu delicious collection

Why not pamper myself just a little with million nails (essie)

And for sure planning this night: this weekend we can enjoy french cinema in Madrid as Uni France films will be offering a bunch of films in Yelmo cines Ideal

Enjoy your weekend!


martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


And I was there stucked in a traffic jam, thinking about all the things that have happened to me today...it has been one of those days you wouldn't mind to erase of your calendar when I have suddenly realised that at least I have been wearing an adorable outfit,  at least it was for me! : )

This is the complete look I've worn today

Bright purple skirt, love how it goes down with those waves, this is from BDBA (old) + plain white T-shirt + turquoise necklace (this is an old one from H&M)

I also wear this skirt with light brown belts. This is a simple one from H&M

This is from my mom, she wanted to get rid of it but I didn't let her do it. Now I am always wearing it

And I also change the necklace for other ones but if I wear this skirt I always end up using turquoise accessories like this:

This is a short post only to remind myself that there is always something good in a bad day.