martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


And I was there stucked in a traffic jam, thinking about all the things that have happened to me has been one of those days you wouldn't mind to erase of your calendar when I have suddenly realised that at least I have been wearing an adorable outfit,  at least it was for me! : )

This is the complete look I've worn today

Bright purple skirt, love how it goes down with those waves, this is from BDBA (old) + plain white T-shirt + turquoise necklace (this is an old one from H&M)

I also wear this skirt with light brown belts. This is a simple one from H&M

This is from my mom, she wanted to get rid of it but I didn't let her do it. Now I am always wearing it

And I also change the necklace for other ones but if I wear this skirt I always end up using turquoise accessories like this:

This is a short post only to remind myself that there is always something good in a bad day.



viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014


This is the perfect time for wearing maxi skirts. It is not cool enough to wear pants but you will probably end the day with your legs frozen if you go to the office with a mini skirt.
Definitely, it's time for maxi skirts

And yes, maxi skirts are allowed at work. You will probably have to avoid to combine it with your favorite tank top, but you can still enjoy wearing it at the office. I have decided to wear my coral maxi skirt with a white shirt and (what I call) my "gladiator" sandals. 

These are my "gladiator" sandals, they are from Zara, I bought them few years ago and I love them!

You can appreciate in detail I've used them quite a lot

I have picked up some inspirational pictures of maxi skirts, so do not keep it at the end of your closet yet, we can use them also during the winter:

1. Maxi skirt + Blouse / Long sleeves

2. Maxi skirt + Sweater

3. Maxi skirt + Jacket

You can find the likns for all pictures down below:


And yes, I absolutely adore Olivia's style, you'd probably have noticed it



lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014


I love doing this type of posts because once the time has passed by I can remember those thigs I used to do / use / wear just by reading them.

Favorie thing above everything: this summer I have loved until dead my blue (klein type) bikini from oysho. You can see it in the right corner of this pic (above)

Favorite beauty products: I have found some beauty products and they have become essentials in my life

-The colossal Go Extreme Volume Mascara (Maybeline): very affordable and it really works for me

-Shiseido bronzer (light 1): perfect for summer and for those who doesn't want to seem a "dorito" with all the face orange colored (yes, this is me because I am extremely white so I have to be careful with the brozers I use)

-Sakura Scrub (Rituals): this is amazing, it leaves your skin soft and healthy...I do not know how to describe the feeling. Perfect if you are going to wear mini skirt: scrub your legs with this before

-This is the nail polish I've been using lately. Sometimes I need Pink, only pink.

-Serum to protect my hair during summer (sun, sea water, hair drying heat...): this is not the best I've ever had but the size is very comfortable to go with it everywhere during summer travels and it keeps my hair hydrated. This is made with argan oil

Favorite fragrance: White musk smoky rose. You are not going to forget this smell, sweet but with a point of smoky rose at the end so that you do not have a sweet smell overdose. This is from the body shop and its price is perfect for a daily perfume. I bought this lovely pack heart-shaped, I just felt in love with everything

Favorite book: I have read one by one all elisabet benavent books called "en los zapatos de valeria", "valeria en el espejo" "valeria en blanco y negro" and "valeria al desundo" and I have loved them! She is a Spanish new writer for me, she started with a blog telling all the valeria's stories and finally she has published all the books. She is absolutely great.

If you want to find them you can click here:elisabet benavent books

Favorite film: Begin again. Lovely story and lovely music. I like Keira so much! I think she is very natural

And this is pretty much it. What have been your favorites lately?



sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014


September is the last month we can take advantage of sales and yes, I did it!

These are my last "sales purchases":

1 / Tweed Blazer just to complete my working outfits (Zara)

2 / Green heels: I didn't have any green shoes in my closet and I think they are going to look perfectly with jeans (also from Zara)

3 / New sandals that make my legs look longer as they are black + beige and have little decoration so you can barely notice them (yes, I am quite repetitive: zara again)

Leaving the sales behind, this month I couldn't help to visit the "new collection" zone at shops. And this is the result:

A pre-plump t-shirt from H&M: perfect to wear with a necklace

One "kimono-look-like" jacket. This is perfect for a working outfit, when it's too hot to wear a blazer but you need to cover your shoulders. This is from Bershka (I had to look this name at internet, it is impossible for me to spell it!)

 I like to combine it with plain T-shirts and also with a necklace

I hope you like this staff and please let me know if you have some more fresh ideas to combine them