sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014



Yes I love weekends! you spend time with family and friends, you can pamper yourself, you can read, catch up with series and enjoy your city. Yeah!

Today I have started my day taking all the clothes I wore yesterday to the laundry. It was one of my best friends b-day and this is what I wore

I love wearing jeans at weekends!

My 7 year old black shoes: Should I call them Vintage?

Tweed coat detail:

After having breakfast, I tidy up the closet which I try to do every week. It helps me to have all in place, to remember clothes I haven't wore for a while, create new outfits and have everything at a glance.

Then it's time for checking new ideas for having lunch with the new menu delicious collection

Why not pamper myself just a little with million nails (essie)

And for sure planning this night: this weekend we can enjoy french cinema in Madrid as Uni France films will be offering a bunch of films in Yelmo cines Ideal

Enjoy your weekend!


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