domingo, 26 de abril de 2015


Bonjour à tous,

I hope you are fine! I just wanted to share with you my last update.

I have had my hair cut like rachel mcadams in midnight in Paris. I love the curls as it gives more volume to the cut.

I love this combination I saw in Michael Kors spring summer collection: white shirt + bright skirt.

That's why I bought this white shirt  and this bright green skirt, both from Zara (Amancio, i love you!)

I am going to miss this dress I have used during all winter. I used to combine it with necklaces. Goodbye dear friend, let the spring begin

Don't you feel that weather is crazy during this season? I do not know what to wear!



2 comentarios:

  1. La falda es increible
    Hola chicas!!!
    os gustaría pasaros por mi blog de DIY? estoy empezando y me gustaría saber que os parece...muchas gracias!!!
    un beso

  2. Gracias Claudia! Llevo meses sin meterme en el blog entre obras y mudanzas! Admiro mucho a la gente constate como tu!

    Muchos besos