martes, 22 de marzo de 2016


Mr. Tall and I are going to spend the Easter holidays visiting Amsterdam

Museums, the flower market, have dinner on a boat, the red light district...we have been planning it a lot!

And this is what I am currently including in my suitcase.

Outfit #day1: grey jumper with a casual black and grey shirt with a flower cristal necklace on top. Red pants and my super comfy black ankle boots.

Outfit #day2: I specially love this white shirt from h&m. I love to combine it with the burgundy cashmere jumper. 

Outfit #day3: black cowl neck jumper with a gold necklace from zara. Loose beige skirt 

 And last but not least, outfit #day4: Green suede dress. This is from zara, it has lace at the end of the sleeves which i think is very cute.

Of course I will wear lots of t-shirts to make sure cold not be a problem for ding sight-seeing and have long walks through the city : )

Hope you enjoy this post!

Lots of love

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