miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016


Hi everyone!

I want to show you a new outfit based in a leather little black dress. this is from Zara i bought it on sales and I  think it fits perfectly with a plummet tights and black stiletto shoes.

However, there are sometimes that I do not feel like heels are going to be a good option because I am tired or it is going to be a long day...so I prefer to wear flats. I have thousands of them but I could not resist to by a new pair at Zara last time I went.

I finally found an every day bag, I love the colors, they are very simple so I can wear it all the time. I know, it`s very similar to celine's bag, anyway, I love it!

And this is a chinese type dress I adore to wear with black tights and flats to an easy working day. 

 Last, but not least...voilà the first red dress I have ever bought in my life. Whenever I dress it I can not hide from anybody so i have to feel very confident that morning...I do not know if this happens to you also... ; )

I hope you like it 

Lots of love

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