domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016


Bonjour à tous,

Yes, I know the typical thing is "New Year's Resolutions" however, I want to do certain things before the end of this wonderful 2016. 

Yes, because I do not want to wait until that January first to get my life organized

Because I do not want to arrive to to the end of the year thinking I could have done more things than I did. 

Because I am a believer go the grothmindset theory, so I have to do more practice and not stop myself in the theory part only. We are able to improve ourselves everyday. 

Because life is too short to not enjoy every second.  Each day must count!

This picture has been taken from I totally recommend this web and their quotes. Very inspiring!

Now I stop rambling and, here you are! my old year's resolutions: 

1. Read one book (at least) before new year. Reading relaxes myself and, although I know it, I do not practice everyday. I really should read a book everyday so let's make that resolution!



2. Print some pictures for our house for our photo frames. We have such beautiful pictures taken during this summer holidays that they are worthy to be printed and framed : )


3. Create a new music list for running. It is so difficult for me to sit in front of the laptop at home, but I really have to motivate myself during running with good music! I also want to organize our Christmas songs and some other albums...too much work to do!


4. Send christmas cards to our nephews. This is the first time we are going to do and we hope to fix this as a tradition. Mr. Tall and I have 5 nephews and 1 niece, they are from 6 to 2 year old and we really think that receiving their first letter directly written for them it's going to make them happy : )



5. Be healthy. And, by being healthy I mean, do a proper breakfast: water with lemon and fruits. Not binge eating, 5 pieces of greens and fruits per day and doing sport 3 times per week.


I hope you will join with me in this old year's resolutions, which are going to be yours?


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