sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015


Bonjour à tous!

Today it's San Valentine's day! yeaah! : )  Mr. Tall has prepared the perfect plan for tonight but... it's a surprise for me...I'm so excited! I don't know what to wear!  I hope you can understand me    ; )

I knew this was going to happen so yesterday I went shopping aaaannd, althoungh I didn't found anything for a romantic date, I guess I found some interesting clothes...

I visited Suite Blanco, a store that I forgot years ago, I really don't know why...I saw in the storefront this skirt and I couldn't help it! I bought the midi skirt with the red-navy blue stripes

I think it's perfect for going to work, however, I have to think about how to combine it

I also bought this jacket in bershka (this name is imposible to write!) I love the pronounced shoulders and the combination of the two colours light grey+camel.
Perfect to wear with a brown belt!

I also bought this shirt at bershka, it's quite simple but I can never get enough of white shirts as I think they can save the look.

 You know I am addicted to creams and body pampering, and this smels soo good!

Last week we celebrated los Goya, the Spanish film festival. My favorite look was Banca Suarez purple dress, she was amazing on it. She is a spanish actress and she also has a blog. I leave the link down below.


Blanca Suarez picture

I went to the cinema to whatch Fifty shades of grey and....I'm sorry but I didn't liked it so much, I mean, after reading the books you get your own idea of everything so it is difficult to match your thoughts with the film, at leats it always happen to me. What's your opinion?

I hope you enjoy your valentine's day with your love, your friends or family...let's celebrate love!



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  1. Pretty pictures! Happy Valentine's Day


  2. el poncho es precioso! me encanta


    1. Siiii! Fue una sorpresa encontrarlo en bershka! Queda fenomenal! Un besito grande